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Things to See

Sunflower Fantastic view in August.

Mt. Piyashiri Enjoy the view from top of the mountain.
Kenko no Mori A huge park next to our hostel. You can enjoy walking, park-golf and cross-country skiing in winter. There's a FIS lfficial course for races.
Kitaguni Hakubutsukan Learn old people's life in Nayoro
Piyashiri Skiing Ground Eat NO.1 powder snow in Japan!
Nayoro Onsen Relax at Hot springs
Snow festival (Feb.) You can see beautiful snow objects.
Bifuka Town
Matsuyama Shitsugen Feel mysterious air.

Trokko Oukoku It's really fun!!
Hako-dake 1129m high. Nice view from top of the mountain.
Shimokawa Town
Banri no Chojo Mini Great Wall of China
Gomi Onsen Very nice hot springs
Ice Cnadle Museum Festival of Ice Candles in Feb. So beautiful senery.
Shibetsu City
Hitsuji to Kumo no Oka Many kinds of sheep from all over the world.
Otoineppu Village
Teshiogawa Onsen View of River.Teshio.
Soba Black Soba.
 What is "Sunpillar"?
What's SUNPILLAR? Kind of Natural phenomenon..
Sunpillar About −20℃、sunny,much steam in the air, no wind...morning
You can seethe pillar of lights under the sun. You can also see it at sunset time.
Light Pillar The pillar of lights at night. The town lights, head lights of the cars...
Moon Pillar The pillar of full moon. It's rare.
Sub Sun A kind of Sunpillar. You can see a lump of lights of the sun on the ground under the sun.
Halo The ring around the sun.
 There are many other things to see around here.
Get more fun infomation from staff.


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